Hotels in Berlin


Germany’s capital Berlin often makes the “bucket list” of world travelers, and for good reason! Centrally located in Europe, it offers tourists a truly welcoming experience, yet fascinates newcomers with an expansive history and some of the world’s most easily recognizable attractions. Berlin’s best hotels are well aware of just how unique an experience visiting Berlin is and they make every effort to accentuate their city’s unique culture and heritage while making sure that their guests are comfortable and content. Everyone has their own individual preferences and tastes, but one hotel that is able to satisfy nearly everyone is Das Stue. Located in Berlin’s Diplomatic District, this incredible five star hotel is centrally located and offers its temporary residents a truly incredible experience unlike any other. Lavish living areas, beautiful décor and breathtaking scenery are just some of the wonderful elements that make up the most popular hotel in Berlin.

This incredible city is a constant source of amazing and memorable sights. The most iconic of which is probably the Brandenburg Gate; an incredible neoclassical monument that was the site of countless historic events throughout its 300-year life. Right next door is the venerable Pariser Platz; a plaza always filled with life and entertainment. The infamous Berlin wall still remains in some parts of the city and is a must-see for casual tourists and history fans alike. Museums are an excellent opportunity for tourists to learn about the history of the country that they’re visiting. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about this amazing city, check out Museumsinsel, or “Museum Island” (a collection of 5 major museums and art exhibits located on a small island right on the River Spree).

When you check into your hotel, be sure to ask the friendly staff about what other attractions you should visit. The concierge is a wealth of local knowledge, so be sure to ask them! Visiting Berlin is also a great opportunity to try some of Germany’s distinctive food. Your hotel’s restaurant and kitchen will surely serve up some of the country’s best-known dishes, such as delicious spatzle, bratwurst and decadent schnitzel. Good food is always an essential part of enjoying a vacation, and a trip to Berlin is no exception. Enjoy an immersive, incredible adventure in Germany’s capital!