10 best advice for a successfull conference

Book it well in time

Looking for the right venue space? Follow it up from the start and make sure you get the right room booked in the right venue. Use services like Timetomeet to find spaces and book for exampe conference rooms in Stockholm. In London you got Liquidspaces and in US there are several others to use. Prepare like when you book a hotel. Mostly you spend a lot more money on a conference then on a hotel.


You got to prepare.  Whats the purpose of your conference? Is it just to teambuild or is it to share information? Every meeting has it purpose and you got to prepare for it.


Ok, so you made an agenda. Look through it again and remove stuff. You will always put to much in it and daunt the participants. Focus on the big things and if you stray away in between thats ok.

The room

Get familiar with the facilities in the conference room. Check out the Wifi – fast enough for that youtube video? When is the coffee coming? If your the speaker make sure you know the size good enough to wander around a bit.

Who is coming? 

Do you know the crowd or are there strangers. Try to get info on the crowd beforehand so you know what to expect and how to charm them.

Get there early

This is all about being prepared. Dont get stuck checking in and doing stuff that should have been done.

Stay organized

Keep the goal in your head and make sure you take steps to reach it. wheater its a salespitch or internal presentation keep your eye on the goal and direct everyone towards it.

Teach the crowd something

If you give the crowd some knoeledge they will stay with you. Content marketing word of mouth kind of.

Follow up

Once your back at the office. Follow up with emails and to dos. Gte back to prospects, thank them for joining etc etc.