About TES

Targeted Education Solutions (TES) is an education solutions company based out of Fresno, California. TES provides resources and support to build capacity in schools, developing a cadre of learning specialists who can lead the work of addressing specific student needs in every school, using state-of-the-art, research-supported methodology. TES recognizes that "one size does not fit all!"


Our Services, An Overview

Targeted Education Solutions (TES) has implemented a system of targeted intervention services to help struggling students in public schools. Through the use of a range of research-based strategies built on top of strong base literacy and mathematics programs, intervention is tailored to move achievement in learners with varied needs.

Academic intervention teams provide instruction and support at the school level. Each team consists of educational specialists who determine academic intervention needs of the students in the school, establish targeted means of assessing students, determine methods for dealing with academic problems, and – most important – monitor on an ongoing basis whether these methods are resulting in increased learning and achievement.

We offer K–12 services that are high quality, cost effective, and able to help schools meet and exceed federal, state, and local growth targets for their underperforming student population.

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Targeted Education Solutions (TES) provides resources and support to build capacity in schools, developing a cadre of learning specialists who can lead the work of addressing specific student needs in every school, using state-of-the-art, research-supported methodology.

Our Services, In Detail

Offering a range of professional supports, Targeted Education Solutions (TES) provides the following:

Targeted Program Development

Development of Academic Intervention Program(s) catered to your student’s specific need(s)

Parent Trainings

7 different modules (ranging from the educational system to discipline)

Leadership (Parents/Student/Staff)

Advocacy and skill-building

Professional Development

Customized professional development for schools, networks and school support organizations is available as are consultative services.

Supplemental Educational Services

Provide on-campus homework help, academic assessment, and skill-building to small groups by highly skilled academic specialists. All students review additional test preparation materials before the CST in the spring.

Targeted ELD Support

Uses software and print materials specifically targeted to ELLs, with the help of bilingual specialists, either after school or during school.

Exit Exam Preparation (CAHSEE)

Incorporates multimedia instruction, test-taking strategies, and practice tests into sessions that prepare groups of up to 10 students to take the CAHSEE. Students get extensive practice taking standardized tests and receive immediate feedback on both content and test-taking strategies.

Individual Tutoring

Provides kindergarten through 12th grade students with personalized help in math, reading, writing, science, social studies, Spanish, and test preparation

Summer Program

Half- or full-day camps focused on either remediation or aligned to district master plan.

Program Monitoring

Involves the ongoing collection of information to determine if programs are operating according to plan. Monitoring provides ongoing information on program implementation and functioning.

Program Evaluation

Carefully collecting information about a program(s) or some aspect of a program in order to make necessary decisions/changes to ensure growth or desired outcome.


Contact Us

Anna L. Ramirez

Executive Director
1551 E. Shaw Avenue, Suite 130
Fresno, CA 93710
Phone: (559) 930-9450
Fax: (559) 291-5927


Further Questions

For further questions, please contact us via email (anna@surreychamber.org) or phone (559) 930-9450.



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